SpeedHero 3D Printed RC Knuckle Upgrade

Sliced Stuff is a website that designs and sells 3D printed RC drift chassis for a variety of cool cars. When I found them I was super impressed with their designs and ability to scale the spirit of the Corolla down to RC size.

I wasn't able to print one myself after purchasing their designs, but a friend took on the challenge and I was happy with the results except one noticeable detail: The knuckle design wasn't of the geometry of a real AE86. So we got to correcting it.

This new design allows a flat lead contact patch to mimic the geometry of a real 86 front end. If you've got one of these Sliced Stuff kits, you're welcome to download, print and test the knuckle upgrade for yourself!

You can find it for free here: SpeedHero AE86 Knuckle Upgrade STL
If you do end up liking this knuckle upgrade, feel encouraged to send me a tip by grabbing a shirt from our SpeedHero store.

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