Shops of Japan Part 2. The Sequel of the prequel.

oh look, it's Super Autobacs and a haunted house....? Turns out, it was just another pachinko palace, but with a twist! Hidden exit door! You just have to explain to the staff you have no money left and they quickly escort you out (not really the Japanese are much to polite.) Much of the selection inside Super Autobacs is similar to Up garage but a bit pricier as things are more often new than used. Kids seats are often made by major brand name seat companies and sold through other companies. Recaro is a name that makes seats for more than just cars and adults. Kids seats are often the closest thing you can get to a racing seat as the technology and design are near identical and just a change in scale. Up Garage Is that yet ANOTHER Up Garage? Why yes it is, there's hundreds of these damn things, and well, they are very much worth the stop. Let's take a look. Just sitting on the curb, no one guarding them. Japan is a very LOW crime area of the world. Piles of parts, cleaned, organized and cheap! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="one of the up Garages had a full N2 kit for $200 :/"]one of the up Garages had a full N2 kit for $200 :/[/caption] Is dat sum Dori Dori's? Yes, just sitting around, doing nothing. How about you ladies give me a call tonight, wheel go for a spin. Limited Oldies We just kind of drove past this place one night. Yes it is a lowrider shop, yes there are people inside drinking. No we were not brave enough to go in and say hello. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="World collection in this lot. 60's impalas, 70's gtr's, 00's VW's...."]World collection in this lot. 60s impalas, 70s gtrs, 00s VWs....[/caption] We slept down the road so we swept back during the morning to get a better shot of the lot beside the shop. Care for some American Iron? I assume it's like going to a lobster restaurant, you pick one from the tank and wait a while. It's served to you well prepared and covered in butter. Max Japan Just a few more shots from Max Japan lot. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024" caption="Lost from the days of rebellious youth."]Lost from the days of rebellious youth.[/caption] for the few of you who love R31 wagons as much as me.... Some of you might not understand the american influence of the 510.... I saved this one for last.....2TG. That's right. two tee gee! Back Alley Bike shop Had to stop here on our walk through the back alleys of Harajuku. A vintage BMX shop! Ken Boy This was a pretty amazing shop. A strict dedication to Jimny's (samurai's) as they were actually sold as kei class cars in Japan! Tiny engines, with plenty of style! There were tons of styles, variations and build levels. It was interesting and fun! This was my favorite of the bunch. :) Thanks for browsing my shizzzz. If you missed the first post....

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  • LOL i’ve been to that AutoBac!!! its in Chiba right near Nishi-funabashi, i forget what the haunted house was…

    • kohei
  • Man… I love the Japanese…


    • The VidKid