Scrap Skunkworks

Yes, there is a skunkworks division at Adrenaline Motorsports. Much like the Zeeboo was an experiment with driveline conversion, the MAsixty-fun pictured is a bit of an experiement as well. Not a pretty site eh? Rusty and beat up. But sometimes looks, books, covers and strawberries, may look old and shriveled, but inside is delicious sweetness. Pucker your mouth! The skunkworks Uzi. Brrraaappppppp Brap!! Edit: for those of you out of the 'know' that's a 1996 Lexus SC400 1uzfe 4.0L Dohc all aluminum V8. So much to pronounce with puckered lips.

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  • Still not perfect, but changing the MAF made a Huge difference, I think it has a 2jz maf on it now?

    • discoquinn
  • I noticed the sweet rear setup after I made that last comment…oops.

    Good to hear V8 bitch is living up to Phils requirements now. What was the issue?

    • supralordass
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