Scrap skunkworks

Little gets posted these days. Initial wear seems too great. Burnt, the automotive world appears ever so vast. I'm quite lost in it. I've lost myself to be honest. There's so many things I wish to be a cause of. Things I want to build, things I need to break, or both. My life changed dramatically this past year, it's affected my out look. Speed hero was an excitement of automotive expression. I played with cars therefore these interactions were documented. People, anonymously co-enthusiastic for these standardized and/or original exploits. I changed. So worn out from confusion I'm not sure where I've been or going. I am confidence challenged. There's nothing in life I'm sure I can succeed at any longer, this will be the death of me. My enthusiasm. For cars remains, as strong as always, but my motivation to improve my life especially that of cars, is gone. All I want to do anymore is build scrap into moving chunks of mass but even then only in theory. My dream job lies in the idea of scrapworks. Building something new each day is the only way to retain sanity. I hate being and adult/

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