Run #2: Speed Hero Racing Candles. Last Run of Shirts!

I know some of you missed out on the first run of shirts. So here is your last chance to grab a racing Candle shirt! 

Pre-order only, pick your size and color! We need a minimum of 10 shirts to fill the order. 

Some changes have been made, but basically the process remains the same. 
-Few colors dropped (Special order colours removed)
-Shipping has gone up (lost a lot of money on under-quoting the first batch)
-Al Style brand shirts only.

$20 local Pickup, $30 shipped anywhere!

How to buy:
Cash for locals! EMT is preferred overall. 
EMT: Electronic Money Transfer. All online banking websites offer this service, some free, some are $1. EMT payments to 
Please include in the email notes: Size, Colour, Name, Forum Name and most important your address! 

This is the final run of Speed Hero Racing Candle Shirts. Delivery is quick unless your name is Matt Trogdor.

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