A lot of people are obsessed with numbers. Numbers associated with cars, and I've always found the most important factor to be the amount of fun. However, that's really not a measurable scale, however let's focus on the numbers that really count. Ratios are important, for example, let's at least refine all this E-thuggin' by defining what matters. Power is often what is bragged about, but torque at RPM's is an equation equaling the measurement of power. This power in ratio to weight is a much better measurement of speed than just the horse power measurement. However, even a power to weight ratio can be defined further by comparison to the amount of grip the vehicle has. This is complicated by the dynamics of the vehicles location of weight, or the ratio of balance front to rear and left to right. Combined with the rates of the bound and rebound of the shocks in ratio to the spring rates, you have the difficulty of determining the grip during acceleration, deceleration, and the complications of both during cornering. That's covered now, but let's consider this in relation to the consumption of fuel, the speed at which tires heat and wear. Sweet, the last consideration to E-thug is to show the amount of time you have spent acquiring the vehicle in relation to the amount of time behind the wheel, and voila, you've got your equation to define your official E-thug number. Ratios.

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  • I love your blog so much, Quinn.

    • Alexi