The greatest cars in life are the economical people movers. With 5 million units made, the suzuki Wagon R just might be the greatest Kei Car ever made. I love kei cars. They are exactly the original intent of the automobile: and object to move people and goods around efficiently. A bonus feature is that they are attractive, the Wagon R has been around since 1993 and let's just point out it's origins are Suzuki. Like a killer tomato or a funny cat photo the Wagon R has taken on a life of it's own, breeding and replicating and absorbing entire countries in the process. Small primarily FWD 5 door, with matching number of seats, the little wagon lives up to it's "R" title in a wholesome way. The letter denominates it's Radical approach. Shove everyone and everything on top of the drive train. Build up not out. Wagon R's have been an extremely popular Kei car since their introduction, so much so, Suzuki began selling them under other manufacturers names for sale in Japan. Even Chevrolet has a version of the Wagon R! What's the cause of all this? When nearly every Japanese manufacturer ports a version of the Wagon R themselves, local production lines can't manufacturer the quantity of parts at the cost needed to achieve the goal of cheap transport. China took the reigns, and like any car that they make nearly every part for, they then began producing their own. Soon, the world became flooded with the Wagon R. Oddly enough there are a few running around the united states. Like any Chinese car, it was available with an electric motor, which in the US, makes it legal for import as a Low Speed Vehicle.      

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