Overly Eventfully Uneventful?

Ever have to write an article about a place you've never been to, about events you've never seen? Here I am, doing that. Much like grandpa Simpsons knowledge of the war, my knowledge of the Cell Block D seems to be sugar packets of information from word of mouth. That's right. My impression is of this: Purple is heavy, and alcohol is blood deep. Drift Unions' big Vancouver video premiere was as best as I can tell, a social magnet, but how do they fucking work? The mixture of hard partying in a motorsport drugged with animals of party and social misfits followed with a morning of acute reactions and sensitive inputs with an on and off again wet track resulted in a heavy amount of casualties. Spins, bumps, rumps and grumps of snow, walls, curbs and everything else in between seemed like a plague of good fun seeping overnight into even more fun, and overlap that seems to have not mixed well. The event seemed to be the place to be, with a return of the Cell Block D series after a hiatus and the public release of a video of ruffians in Mauve cars drew a big and eventful crowd. Surprisingly I hear no stories of S14's hitting walls or exploding, just S13's tapping their bums, their noses, and their connecting rods. I hear stories about Corollas backing into walls, Cressidas being broken and 2JZ powered R32's wrecking nice wells on shallow curbs. I do see a Volvo in the above photo, but no evidence of it sliding!? Matt Rogers 2JZ R32 above and below, Pre-Meister Smash. I must thank Ryan Maccie for these photo's. We'll have some more up sometime tomorrow. Expanding speed hero coverage! Vlad the Rad was an un-impaler on this occasion, braving the gods in an S14. Trent stompkining all over everyone with his big power 'rolla. A truly Canadian sight: Snow supported wall tap. Soon people will be bolting snow boards to their quarter panels for extra fun time happy slide magic 2000 mega advanced plus good times! KAKilling it. I'm told Cody Ross is still rocking a KA and that he had his buns in a line. I've seen a few people at a few events put shit together with N/A KA's, proving that there's a little bit of Corolla driver in many of us, momentum momentum momentum!

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