Out in the Streets, they call it Murder

Welcome to Jamrock. A European heavy edition of my horrible DOTS copying. Downtown/China Town Victoria is Euro heavy from Classic BMW's, to Vintage Volvo's. Seems to be the hip thing to do on the western side of Douglas street with many European specialty repair shops located all very close to each other. Hey, that van is part of an ancient European candy giving tribe. Never fear, someone cruises by in an old van and offers you a chocolate bar to get in? They are just friendly and practicing an age old tradition. A temporary Whip, a Donation to CPE, I enjoyed driving this tercel. I generally don't enjoy driving FWD cars but the longitudinal transmission setup didn't have that heavy dead feeling as much as the common transverse FWD setups. These old Camrys were sold in dirty quantities. I think it's one of the Ugliest Toyota's ever sold, there are none of these left on the East Coast. Little Red Wagon. Those yellow fogs fit right into E7 Grills. Brand new K-Car. Someone must've one a Million Dollars. Blessed are the Westfalias, shame this is just a standard Vanagon....err, maybe not standard. Big Old W126, chillin'. Someones big slug of a daily. One of the many shops downtown. There's a huge following for vintage Volvo's in Victoria, you'll find them tucked away in garages, backyards, and driveways. There's even one driving around with Gnomes affixed to it. This Purple Volvo 164 seems to be one of the mechanics/owners cars as it's always parked out front during business hours. Often parked beside it is a very rare Bertone Coupé, sadly not today. There are a number of old Garages in town, this is one of the ones I really like. Plus, I have a feeling I'll end up driving a 240 at some point. An Encore appearance of this old '69 Impala convertible. Little Honda Acty...maybe a Suzuki Carry? The Sambars look the same too. One of my most Favorite BMW's ever made, the BMW M-Coupe is an odd but seriously quick car. An engineers mail room dream come true.....funny joke here.....clown shoe. About as European as I could make this shot. Plenty of Vintage video games in that pawn shop there. Simply Awesome. Check the flyer in the back window. The plastic sunroof guard is a bit off key. Two BMW 2002's in the same location, a BMW specialist. Is pretty. The Carb Setups on the 2002's are interesting! Also, a nice 3.0CS! A true Classic, these and the 2002's have an odd 'bathtub' feel to me, almost like an old iron claw tub with a hood, trunk and roof on top. More bathtubby goodness. It's a word, go ahead, waste your time googling it. The Hunter becomes the Hunted? At first I thought it was just a throw back, but the more I looked at the truck and the equipement on board, the more it seemed legit. Wacky. Yes, that's a 1973 Yamaha U7E jammed in the trunk of a '82 Tercel. Yes we drove that down from Duncan. And that was our day. :)    

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