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I didn't have much to say about Cap D and no pictures of my own. I ended up overwhelmed with the excitement of flogging my own slag all over the track. First thing everyone needs to do is take a look of the amazing photos coming from Val Melnik The weather ran the gammut from hurrican winds and driving rain to gorgeous, track drying sun. The turn out was immense which made for long waits between runs but a lot different skill levels just out to have fun. My open diffed 4ac was laughable but a lot of fun in the wet but fought actual sliding in the dry every step of the way. I have a welded diff ready to go so hopefully that will be the last bit of one wheel suffering. As always, it was a fantastic group of drivers and supporters braving the storm for the love of the drift. The Capital Drift folks are gearing up for their second season so stay tuned to their site and this blog of course.

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  • 3tc + drifting = bad idea
    4ac + drifting = bad idea

    but we both did it anyway haha. beast!


    • tehluckinator
  • clutch kick, clutch kick, clutch kick.

    • bkh808