No, You didn't miss Pumpkin Smash!

Thought you missed this years Capital Drift Pumpkin Smash? Nah, we got you boo.

Check out these awesome creators who put up some great media!

Miss Creature, posted her VR FPV drone footage!

Miss Creature Video!
Find more from Miss Creature on her webstore! Miss Creature

 My old roommate, and thew casual king of the cool send, Steven Cayer posted up his recent vlog of the event. His car broke on day 1, so he spent the time filming others having fun instead!

Fackin Shteve Video!
You can see more of Fackin Shteve on his channel: Fackin Shteve

Our very own resident bean, Jaclyn Childs not only shot a Vlog for the event, where her and fellow CHEESE DANGER teammate Ben Vos cooked garlic bread on an exhaust manifold (yearly tradition). She also shot some big galleries of photos of the event as well!

Jaclyn Childs Vlog Video!

Photo Galleries from Jaclyn:
Day 1
Day 2

You can find more about Jaclyn at her channel: Childs Play

If you're just looking for a quick 3 minute synopsis of the event, check out Darryls Decal Co vlog for a quick hit of Pumpkin Smash vibe!

Darryl's Decal Co Vlog!

You can find more of DDC at their website! Darryl's Decal Co.

Just want some great snaps?

Sarah Beukers Gallery: Pics!

Nathan Peltier Gallery: Pics!

Murray Ferguson Gallery: Pics!

I told you! You didn't miss the event! But please come hang with us next time!

I'll post up any more footage that comes up in the future! <3 Thanks to all these people for taking the time to put these images together!


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