Mountain Goats

Sturdy feet, coarse winter coat with a boxy utilitarian body. I was driving around in traffic today, and although seeing 3, count them 3! Dodge Rampages, I still decided I'd rather do a post about something else I saw today. Keeping my eyes open you'd be surprised how many there are in the the mash up of generic driveway ornaments and basic transportation. Low cost 4WD cars are all around us! There's defiantly some interesting ones that people are ignoring! I'm sure you've seen some of them, but have you seen them all? The direct ancestor, the AMC Eagle wagon was just a jeep with a wagon body slapped on it. Wood grain was a nice touch and the resemblance to cheap 80's faux wood dinner tables made these cars truly unique simply based on the visual association. Another babe of the 80's, the AWD Honda Civic wagon never quite looked well suited in a one piece Budweiser swimsuit laid out over a big matching towel. The awkward 80's outkast the Subaru Loyale would eventually shed it's glasses for contacts, pull out the scrunchie holding up the sideways pony tail and ditch the pink stretch pants for a respectful, but hot librarian kinda look. The tough kid in the back of the class, when the 4WD Tercel wagon wasn't carving pentagrams into the desk it was avoiding being at home by hanging out in front of the arcade. The Loyale's little brother, hyper, but annoying, would eventually just get worn out and forgotten about and can be found slumming around the 7-11 between his shifts as a gardener. The sauve, blond-blue eye'd, boat shoe wearing, blazer over the shoulder Corolla all-trac was the Zack Morris of the crowd and now look at where he is! And finally the coolest of the cool, the Passat wagon Syncro. Ignored at first, the Syncro is what I caught in traffic today, bombin' along with it's roof rack and little tiny factory monoblock wheels. ICE.

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  • hey thats a pretty funny looking animal, it looks like it may be a good pet but those horns show that he may be threatening.

    • kenny
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  • quinn.

    you are batshit insane.

    quit giving personas to shitty cars.



    • Vickers