Meat stick

I'm not sure most people know what a hot rod really is? Do people realize that the strength of the hot rod culture is not a style, but rather a function? Technical specifications define a hot rod: A motor from a heavier vehicle retrofitted into a smaller automotive chassis. I wish there was a more obvious divide between the idea of Hot Rod's function and style. Junkyard boys, throwing, hucking, chucking pieces of scrap together. Allowing the over engineering of other individual designs to be combined in an under engineered manner to create something that rides above and challenges regular concept of speed, by focusing purely on function rather than function through form. This is a re-occurring, it repeats in an obvious fashion. Age has everything to do with the definition of the culture in relation to the function. The function of speed is born from a youthful stand point, to rebel against the aged. Those who have accepted lifes rules, the ones they have given themselves by the assumptions of the thoughts of others, simply because they are experienced in having pissed others off. No cash, just a need to go fast. Small cars have always been cheaper, as size directly equals value. Money for the most part comes with age, so there you are, a young one digging through the junkyard, classifieds and calling random people, knocking on doors and finding leads. This youthful energy intentionally and unintentionally offends those who are are the young ones idols; those who have worked hard all their life to build resources, in the hopes of spending them freely on the items that will cause them speed in the style and manner that they want. The problem is, the conflict, that each wants what the other has. One wants money, the other wants the know how. The poor builders know what actually makes a car fast, and the ones with money know how to make it expensive and apply rules. In between is a group of followers, those who tag along with the strongest current they are near. nothing wrong with that, but often the mix, the conflict between the two opposing ends of aficionado causes those "ohh cools" to jump in and be the cannonballs and water these pirate ships seem to float in and exchange. These meld the extremes into a popular trend, opening and offering jobs and opportunities are these aficionados removing them from their purposes of speed to begin with, and allow the original ideal and focus to begin the decline of the original goals. It shall repeat, as those who were young and poor, become old and rich and compete with a new group of young and poor. Small cars, big motors. Mismatched tires, another re-occurrence.

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  • Is that a 4A-GE powered Beetle?

    • Needs More Speakers
  • Is that the one that crashes? hahaha

    • Warren