Lots of Corollas and a Rad Dude.

The last month has been a sudden WAFT of Corolla and Corolla related activity. Sadly I haven't been able to document it very well. I figured this time I'd capture some of it. Rad Dude 027 I met John on Dorikaze, he messaged me because of my parts car....s.....Okay, so there's a bit of a back story. So lets see here? If you remember one of my earliest posts you'll know before this summer I had owned 4 ae86's. The Bad Apple was my 5th. In order to get the parts I needed for the apple, Phil aided me in Acquiring a 6th ae86. A kouki Coupe GT-S, a rare blue two tone, however it was beyond rotten. To obtain it for free, Phil and I helped the owner remove some parts he wanted for his project in trade for taking the car. Worked alright. Rad Dude 038 The car was stripped and Corolla Crimes were commited. We hacked it to bits. This was the plan for it as I spent my time trading parts between other Corolla owners in hopes to find upgrades or better shape parts for my car. This is how I met John. A Honda guy originally, John and his girlfriend Fong own a body shop in Toronto. John needed some parts for Fongs car which happened to be an ae86. Rad Dude 016 "Sure! Come on up, trade me what ever you got, and take as much as you need." I informed John, as well as everyone else that has come for parts. John n Fong showed up ready to score what they needed. They picked out a bunch of interior and trim pieces, which was fine with me as I definitely wasn't going to be using them. :) What did they bring me? Tokico and KYB shocks, along with some Eibach springs. Mostly brand new in box. "Score!" Rad Dude 001 John mentioned something about Fongs Corolla, and she happened to have some videos on her phone. I was more than a little impressed. From the photos it looked super clean!!!! I was curious about the low offset wheels, I was informed that on the front they were using S13 front suspension. Not uncommon as the aussies love to make S13 parts fit anything, it's a well documented swap. The rear needed low offset wheels as well because of a rear axle swap: Rad Dude 018 A ford 9" was needed to hold the power of that ^^^^, an F22C with a Garret? Turbo. 430hp of retardation!!!!! Rad Dude 031 John's got a few other cars, Like an EK hatch with a silly large turbo fastened to a K24 swap in his EK hatch. As well as the daily driver for next summer is almost done!!! Rad Dude 035 A small teaser of said daily, an NSX converted to NSX-R, maybe we'll see more from John? I definitely did. Having posted my CRX widebody up on some Honda forums in trade for some decent 15's I got a PM from John "I've got some rims that came with my car if you need them". What did he want in return? Check the first photo in this post, you'll see a power steering pump sitting on the ground. A wiper motor and some hatch struts accompanying them. Rad Dude 010 Sweet 15x7's, an RSR header back exhaust and some yellow Fog lights made their way home with Robin and I that night. "I just want to make sure you have fun with your car" John proclaimed as he tucked me into my car for the evening and wished me well, thanks John! Your a Rad Dude! [caption id="attachment_1186" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Evil Speed Grin!"]Evil Speed Grin![/caption]

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