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I apologize for the lack of posts as of recent. I know you don't come onto this blog to read about the life of Quinn, but to enjoy pictures of cars and the odd bits of information associated with them. In lieu of that I'll try my best to put some pictures in for you. 1991 Tercel Type S. These cars are seriously badass, but people just don't realize it. This is Robin and I's chariot to the west. The "S" is somewhat of a special model of the tercel, it was THE lowest spec Toyota you could buy in 1991. How limited could it be? Well, the grill only came in Silver, the colour of plastic it was molded in. The lights were sunken H4 glass bulbs. 175/75/R13 tires, front disc rear drum, rear solid axle. Door trim? Nope, to expensive, factory shaved trim. lol Stereo? nope, just a plastic plate that says "Tercel" where the radio would be. Over drive? nope, only a 4 speed manual available on the "S". Passanger mirror? Nope, just a drivers side. Tilt steering? not a chance. Trunk pop release cable? You wish. Hand crank windows and power steering where about the only thing it came with. Fucking awesome. I found this for Robin on Kijiji for $0. A woman had posted it up as it needed to be off her lawn. Phil, Brent and I made it to her house 5 minutes before another guy came to grab it! Phew! Phil did some work to get it up today. Pretty nice car, almost Zero rust as it's originally a Saskatchewan car! Modifications have been made to make the trip a little more pleasurable, stereo, passenger mirror, factory clock ("S"s don't come with them), AE92 GTS leather steering wheel, soon we'll have some nice Sparco Sprint Jrs installed as well! :) Phil, Brent and I also had another adventure the other day. Pictured above is Phil's latest acquisition, a 1991 Toyota Levin GT-Apex. For those of you that don't know, the AE101 Levin and Sprinters were Honda killers we never got. 150hp N/a FWD through a 5-speed transmission, they were equipped with the first generation of Toyota's obscure 20v 4 cylinder 4age. 5 valves per cylinder wasn't the only thing to make the engine unique, but the fact that it had individual throttle bodies, as well as full tubular headers as standard equipement. Later Ae111 versions of the 20V motor were MAP equipped 'blacktop' 20v's that produced 170hp. Did I mention these are 1.6L? It was kind of a strange time to be out car hunting, as Robin and I have 9 days before we drive 4000km across the country to our new home. We really have no money, and just a place to plunk our asses. Why are we going? Farm land is only interesting and entertaining for so long. Worms digesting the flat soil laid out in grids to help feed the country is a noble thing, but the world seems to end at the horizon. Avoiding the drop onto the turtles back, we are headed to a place with mountains, warm weather, friendly people, and for me, limited rust cars. Victoria will be a new start, and although people think I'm the heart of Speed Hero, it will have an affect on the content, but not the goal. In any case, I'm extremely afraid of the move. Not only am I not able to really, honestly, take care of myself, but I fear I'll be a drag on those I care about, more so than now. Living with mental illness is not as tough and constantly letting people down, and trying to explain yourself to the new people that you meet that you will let them down as well. George at B&M auto was nice enough to donate an MP3/WMA deck and some Panasonic speakers for the tercel, Good Guy! He's got a Miata for sale as well, for pretty cheap in relation to most Miata prices (which are insane). Getting this car ready has been sort of my way of keeping me mentally occupied so I don't drift into to much of a depression before leaving, though I am feeling very low. Which is why I am very anxious for tomorrow. Saturday is my impromptu 'going away' party. Odd really, as this isn't my first...In any case the idea of it has been bothering me. I guess I don't see myself in the same light. The depression side of my brain seems to see it as a celebration of only reaching my goals partially, however I know it's not that. If you ever wanted an insight into the depths of my personal perspective, here it is: I don't see what I've contributed to deserve this. I see my self as a poorly bathing mooch, who really has no final boss for when the end does come. Rather a path of pointless failing of my arms to swim amongst the crowd, born with the inability to breast stroke through life's challenges. I'm jealous of the people that can wake up in the morning at a predetermined time, brush their teeth, comb their hair, shave their whatevers needed to be shaved, walk to the fridge and pick the orange and cereal over the bowl of ice cream and glass of pop at 2pm in the afternoon. I guess there are those who enjoy my attitude towards cars, money and interaction. I am attending for you. Sometimes it's hard to feel like you've given back, when you've received something material in exchange for social interaction and brainstorming. I guess it's for things like what I realized the other day: VW beetle transmissions can be made to work in either direction, there is something inside them that you can flip to change the direction of the output shafts. With that in mind, you can pick up one of the longitudinal FWD cars, rip out the transmission and fit a VW bug tranny in the back, similar setup to the porsche 924, 928, 944, 951 and 968. I'm to build me a budget Acura Legend drifter!

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  • come on left, dont forget to go to TBC go karts in richmond b4 you hit the ferry.calm the nerves b4 you arrive at the island that bent built.

    • grant
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