It's all been done before.

Technology is a funny thing, you see, things become more refined as technology increases as a whole. The processes in which we do things improve each time we do them. Sometimes introducing new elements allows us to improve that process even further. Take for example this really interesting and cool Bose suspension system: It's really interesting to watch the videos of this suspension in action. A simple idea, keep the car level by actively changing the suspension length, stiffness and motion. Yes the procedure is complex, but the idea in it's basic form is easily understandable.

However, as new an as interesting as that video is above, it's been done before, and not even in concept form, but rather functional real world cars. If it is my goal in life then it truly is accidental, to educate you the reader about the world of cars around you. See if you happened to have lived in Europe (hell they sold the early ones in North America) around the late 50s you would've seen the introduction of a similar system on a car called the Traction Avante. The Citroen DS however, made this new suspension system known to the world. Hydropneumatic suspension has been around for a long time. And although it has graced the chassis of other cars, Citroen has pushed this idea for a very long time. Horribly confusing, yet rather genius.

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