I love China.

Look, I'm a Communist Buddhist...Buddhuminist for short. I believe in open opportunity for all equally, and that objects only have value if they have use. So the Chinese system of production, and lack of patent laws makes life interesting and for the most part logical. [caption id="attachment_2621" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Let\'s go ahead and thank Alexi at Noriyaro.com for this photo. "][/caption] Yes, that is a first gen Japanese Suzuki Alto Works. However, the Chinese already build all the parts/replacement parts for this car. So, why not build their own? The Zotye JN auto in both 'Standard' and 'Comfort' versions are still available at a local Chinese car dealer near you...in China. Before you get in a huff let's go back to the start of the post. Buddhuminist's like myself believe in value based on usage. So if the Japanese are done with it, why can't the Chinese build it for themselves? Chinese cars, just like Brazilian must be built locally and imports are not allowed, however for the two countries the reasons are different. China has been building the parts for the Alto works since before it even came out. China, Taiwan and the Philippines have been Japan's suppliers for parts for many years, it's very much part of the reason Japan has become so huge. Produce youngsters lost in the art of their hobbies, design and construct incredible technologies based on their passions and interests. A great life for every Japanese resident, and hire out to the Chinese to work their days manufacturing these products, quick and affordable. The Chinese although bending over and accepting it, are not stupid, they have refused the sale of Japanese cars, or any cars for that matter in the country unless built with local hands. They also refuse to deal with patents and copyrights. "I'm getting fucked, so I get to control the rhythm" kind of attitude. The cars coming out of China have been an interesting result. Since they produce nearly all the parts to assemble the car, why not just take these patterns, molds and pressings and assemble them locally under their own name? [caption id="attachment_2625" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="Great Wall brand G5 SUV, seriously, their name is Great Wall"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_2624" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Toyota 4 Runner, aka Hilux Surf"][/caption] There's plenty of examples of this, India as well. It makes me wonder, why do we need the new cars? Look at Cuba! Cuba has no imports, no local sales, just free donations from other parts of the world. Hey, so what's the reason for new cars? Why do I have to have a Buick Enclave? Is it because the Chinese love Buicks? VW atleast decided to embrace it. VW opened local manufacturing plants in China, rather than having them copy their designs they just willingly allowed them to manufacturer and sell MK2 Jettas, similar to the mk1 City Golfs of Africa. Pretty smart, build brand loyalty in a country where brand loyalty is only influenced by the countries the residents wish they lived in. Hello Kitty much? So, it makes me wonder, in a country losing jobs in locally designed and built cars to rebadged korean and chinese cars, why we continue to keep such strict and becoming even stricter safety laws? Were they solely designed by the ever so confused and senile executives of America car companies, or were they actually designed to protect the people (money)? The nail in the coffin is the shear retardation of the American system.

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