Getting it Right

If you've been following along then you should be no stranger to Warren Foster's sexy hatch. I ended up at his garage after the dorikaze sewing circle and an egg topped burger to check out his new suspension set up. Warren's 86 is now rocking a full S13. HKS coilovers, adjustable camber plates and some seriously arrousing negative camber. The sheet metal needed a mallet massage to come even close to restraining the Konig Rewinds. It should be pretty impressive looking come Capital D next week. We'll have to wait and see how it performs.

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  • Is that a factory color for the Rewinds, or is it a spray job? Can you tell me the color name please? I’d say it’s more of a copper than a bronze…

    • Aan
  • +10 style points for speed hero decals. duh.

    • discoquinn
  • “It” won’t perform as good as it looks…

    • Warren