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Now that there has been a bit of time to decompress I'd like to to thank some of the people that made the last event what it was...I also need a reason to dump some more photos. Two new companies contributed to the prizes. Platform Garage is a new operation offering parts, repairs and fabrication. The site's still in progress but the passion and devotion to the sport is unbelievable, you'll notice Platform Garage plastered across half the competitors. Tire Exchange was also happy to contribute some help with tires to the podium finishers, what more do drifters need. Check them out whenever you need new/used rubber which should be often if you're doing it right. Lastly... Check out the edible art at Let Me Make Your Cake I'm embarrassed that I've forgotten her name but she came with a massive selection of TMNT cupcakes that were beautiful and delicious. Thanks to everyone involved.

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  • Well then, thank you for cupcakes Candice and thank you anonymous.

    • zombievrobot
  • her name is candice…or candi as jay calls her i guess lol

    • Anonymous