Evo!?! Where'd you get dat Evo!? So you think you know everything about Evo's do you? The fact of the matter is, "Evo" as far as the majorus populus is concerned is a Mitsubishi product. However, Evo, Evolution and Evoluzione, are markers for many models of vehicles. "Homologation"...Ahhh, it feels good even to type that word, is the cause of this name scheme. For those of you who were born yesterday, homologay..Homo...Homolg...Argh, I came. Homologation in the automotive world is the basically the best thing to ever happen to car nuts; It is the inclusion of us, the general public in the wonders of race bred cars. To be able to qualify for some racing series, Manufacturers have to release a limited number of vehicles to the public for sale. It's the rules, and you can't compete without selling these cars. Each racing series is different, but in any of these cases, a near identical road going version of the companies race car is offered to you for sale, to drive on the road!!!! "Evolution", seems fitting. Because of these rules manufacturers often start out with regular production models they currently offer, and modify them further to be competitive. This saves them time and money, as they do not have to design and produce an entirely new series of cars for racing and public consumption, so to separate these models from the vehicles they are based on, the name "Evolution" is tagged on. We all know about the E30 M3, however, Evo versions of the M3 were produced. Changing rules in the both the Group. A, and touring car series, allowed the M3 to be modified further to allow even more performance...as long as BMW released a limited number of these cars to the public. these wer above and beyond the M3, resulting in the Evo 1, Evo 2, and Evo 3 Sport. More BMW fun The goddess Evo also graced her touch on the 190e from Mercedes Benz. The 190e was in direct competition with the M3, and such faced the same rules as it did. Using the already available 190e Chassis, the Evo 1 was released to the public. AMG, like usual, could not keep their grubby little paws off, and eventually released the well known Evo 2. I really don't want to get into Group B, it's a can of Pandora's worms, and things will come splashing out of my mouth like a waterfall of endless clicking, probably wearing out my keyboard. However, the Lancias Delta Integrale Evoluzione, is another in the "evo" series. With nearly 10,000 examples of them floating around world wide, there is copious amounts of Evo and other variations of this Monster of a box. I'm sorry, but I LIKE the Alfa 75. The Evoluzione was similar to the 190e, mostly a modified engine to allow for higher revs, the Evo actually offered a smaller displacement than that of the standard model! Different body work and interior changes were most notable. However, it is the least known of the pack, and although there are more Evo cars out there, the 75 seems to be the most obscure. Sadly, it just couldn't offer competition during it's run, but that doesn't mean they didn't have fun! Hopefully we've sparked some interest in your homo...homolog....homoloGATION love, and that of 'Evos'. Think you can identify this one?

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    • Evolution : Sysmaya
    Drag coefficient 0.310
    4 valves per cylinder
    32 valves in total
    Compression ratio 7.30:1
    Maximum power
    (DIN) 339.7 PS (335.0 bhp) (249.8 kW)
    @ 6400 rpm
    Specific output 104.1 bhp/litre
    1.71 bhp/cu in
    Maximum torque
    (DIN) 450.0 Nm (332 ft·lb) (45.9 kgm)
    @ 4400 rpm
    0-100 km/h 5.80 s
    Top speed 270 km/h (168 mph)
    Power-to-weight 203.4 bhp/ton
    Engine alignment Longitudinal
    Drive RWD

    :) homework finished

    • Nelu