Driftmania followed a deep driftdepression

My jaunt to DMCC at Western Speedway started much like the rest of the drift events, at the crack of dawn walking a ridiculous distance. What the hell kind of word is jaunt? The big disappointment of the day was not seeing the Toyo/Cannonball R34 run. Apparently it blew an oil pump and was under heavy repair the rest of the event. A couple of familiar faces were present to show off B.C. talent including Chris Scremin, Kohei Nakamura and Pete Schroeder (hopefully I'm not destroying any names). Schroeder showed up late but wowed the crowed with his first run, no practice required. Apparently Nakamura had a run in with one of the tractor tires before I showed up but had managed to get everything back together enough to compete. The finale wouldn't have been the same without him. Schroeder's car looks a little better everytime I see it. I love pics of cars with their tire piles in front. No, I don't care what you think. My favorite car of the day was a backyard built 200sx. The hood was once a bathtub and he was still rocking stock 200 rims up front. I didn't get his name because I paid little attention to the announcer but the referred to him as "the mad scientist". The car was SR20 powered and he threw it around like a madman. This is the best shot I got, I'm sorry so so sorry After some grueling battles and at least one iffy progression, it was down to two Nakamura and Scremin. Some amazing drifting, tense moments and not one but two "one more times" and Kohei stood triumphant. Congratulations to both of them on a fantastic fight. 100_5147 So when I...PICTURES That's it for now. Capital Drift is coming this Friday so come on back, ya hear? See you at the track.

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  • we missed the rest of dsafari. i spy a speed hunter in the 8th photo,hahah

    • matt t
  • s12 guys name is Angus.

    Like the panoramic at the end.


    • dug
  • Well done guys, I wish I could have had the cash to go.

    • Trent Stromkins