Drifting? None


Here's a video about drifting, but isn't actually about it.

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  • I have a mkiii supra and you don’t know how well they handle. They are clearly the best, and you don’t know. If you spent mote time working on Awsome mkiii supra and less time narrating your video you would know.

    • Paulcorolla
  • Hey Paul, Mk3rees are wayyy better than you POS corolla. pearsonlly I like the sleeknis of the body and how it really hugs tha road with all that weit. PLUS, the headgasket problem is total bullshit. It all started from the gendermans agreement not to make over 277HP BRO… Real hp is like 355 and when you acccount for that, makes senz you gon blow your load once and awhile. I mean shit.

    • Charles