Cus-Cus, driftin' in the drips.

Rainy Day Dreaming in a Day Storm Leaping, Slide, Slide, become what you Bind. Sunday was a the a pretty fast paced lazy day. The Oct 4th CSCS at Cayuga was being run and although I didn't get to drift this year, it seemed that I knew a lot more people than last year. I'd really like to step in and help with Organization of the drifting portion, but I'm not sure how to accomplish that. wiggy 055 wiggy 001 I think I am the only person who even noticed this car. A Mazda Familia GTX, an AWD turbo version of the boring FWD Protege we got here in North America. It's funny how there are some really awesome fast versions of cars we consider basic junk here. wiggy 004 You'll notice as you go through these pictures that the selection of cars in Ontario is HIGHLY variable. There's no central focus, just people enjoying cars. It's nice although people rarely get together and have fun with them. Also, Rotaries seem to have a strong following in Ontario, as there are many well known rotary specialists. How many RX7's can you count in this picture? wiggy 006 I took this shot as far away as I could, knowing there is probably a reason why this S14 is flat black, maybe it's been fixed a few times? wiggy 009 Although Enkei is the unofficial wheel of FD's, these Advan RG's work just as nicely. wiggy 010 If you bed the right people, you don't have to pay for a ride along. :D wiggy 011 I'm always curious what some of the American readers think when they browse by an see all these skylines. Do they know that an R32 GTS-T is worth about $4000 here, rather than the silly $25,000 they are a short hop across the boarder? wiggy 013 The ground was much to smooth to make these joke I wanted. This was just parked all by itself between the strip and the road course. No one even noticed it! wiggy 016 I only shot pictures of cars I liked "fuck it, it's my blog" I thought selfishly, but I hope people enjoy my taste. I really didn't want to go around snapping 6,000,000 shots of the piles of K series swapped Hondas. wiggy 015 This car was actually running the Time Attack event which I thought was really rad. The last time I was down at Cayuga, there were THOUSANDS of full on Pro-street muscle cars, so it was a nice change to see one not a money pit for 10 seconds or less. wiggy 017 Ran into Dylan, not long after with Kyle. Miata buddies? Though Dylan sold out and got a turfity! wiggy 018 Phil was his usual resourceful self as I caught him Baggin' it. For safe measures though, you should always double bag it. wiggy 019 Very little singing was going on here. wiggy 021 Another Heavily over looked car. No one seemed to notice it was an authentic STI Legacy brought over from Japan. The owner was really happy that I liked his car. Props! wiggy 024 I just liked this shot. Unsure of this dudes name, he's been sliding this E30 for many years now! wiggy 026 John's a good guy, pulled out a 3rd place in his ridiculously built skyline. wiggy 029 Another time attack car, though he retired early for some reason. Pretty ride with a very locked era feel. wiggy 036 One of the drift competitors. A 240sx converted to RHD with a Silvia nose and some neat and subtle flares. This car was very well built, but I'm not sure how well the drive placed? wiggy 037 The crew rolling around in a fashionable, Dance to win, street fight style. wiggy 039 Waiting for their turn on the cat walk. Too sexy for these tires. wiggy 040 I love silly decals, though I'm not sure I understand this one? One of the girls sitting in the drivers seat of a R32 had an old war style helmet with this decal on it as well? wiggy 041 Lined up and ready to rock, side ways action, on this block! wiggy 042 Speaking of blocks, this is Mossimo of Team MaNick piloting this Bertone Volvo. Powered by some rediculous V8, this car is very well setup for road rally racing. wiggy 043 I often question the depth of Car Culture in Ontario because of the sparse and poorly organized events, but sometimes you just get hints that there are a few people who know what's up. wiggy 047 More Paddock trouble. Mark walks up to me "Dylan just texted me to find you for a ride along?" wiggy 050 And look what happened? Who'd a thunk it. wiggy 052 Dylans First victim.

wiggy 057 I haven't met any of the S1DC guys, but from what I know they run the show behind the scenes. Seems like a dedicated group of drivers! wiggy 067 John getting ready to rock! wiggy 084 Get that ass close to the wall foo! wiggy 093 For some reason, you had to wait for the cars to go around the entire course before they would run again, so after they finished the 3 judged corners you were sitting there for 3 minutes while they made their way back to the starting line, the judges and announcers got organized and then they would go again. Terrible organization! wiggy 105 Slide slide slide! wiggy 110 Yet another car people just walked past. What a nice E30! wiggy 111 Very Clean and mild EF sedan, rather enjoyed it! wiggy 118 I apologize, this is the best should I could get of this Jetta. I took a wack load of photos, patiently waited in between them, but people wandering around mindlessly on cell phones kept just getting in the shot, standing and conversing cluelessly on their phones. It's nice they are lost in their conversations, but they observational skills reduce a bit when they are so involved. wiggy 122 V-dub culture is strong in Ontario, these audi rims looked great on this golf! wiggy 124 Again, forgetting people names. This fellow hails from Hamilton with his completely restored E30 coupe. Like...COMPLETELY restored. Sis'Ballin' wiggy 126 Why is there a picture of a mercury sable here? Because with some proper wheels and stance, this car would actually be acceptable VIP. wiggy 127 Clean Corrado Competes CSCS. wiggy 129 Can't help pass up a clean engine bay, no matter the content. Well sorted! wiggy 130 Phil wanted a snap of this bagged local Charger. Pretty neat overall unlitil you begin to look closely. I find the problem with vinyl wraps is that they loose their gloss pretty quickly and become obvious of their wrap status. wiggy 131 Pretty nice Mazda 3. The Mazdaspeed 3's are insanely quick on road courses. You would never know until one is hunting you through a corner, one of the BEST speed values for the buck. These are cars that will be popular again a second time around. wiggy 132 In Que for the drag strip a nice combo of a typical Ontario civic and the contrast of the uncommon XR4ti. wiggy 134 Caught a shot of John N Fongs F22C turbo ae86 going for tech inspection to do some strip runs. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello! wiggy 139 Import drag racing is still a huge sport, though it's not in the lime light as it was in the late 90's, there is still piles of competitors and it's still making leaps and bounds everyday even if you don't hear about it anymore. wiggy 141 Walking back towards the road course and I caught my eye on that BMW again, had to take this snap! wiggy 143 Eye catching is always a good thing, it's the small stuff that really makes a car, like this 5 lug swap with DC2 Type R wheels. wiggy 148 For such an unpopulated country, time attack still is a very serrrus bidness. Conky, get out of my shot! wiggy 150 What do drifters do while they are waiting for the time attackers to clear the course? Take the tow vehicle out for some puddle bogging! wiggy 153 Surprised at the number of nice beamers at the show this year. Their popularity seems to be increasing with the drifting and other content leaking over from Europe. wiggy 154 Really rad ST185, the owner was a nice guy to chat with, Europeans love their hill climb and rally cars! Did I mention it's a LHD Canadian model with rad 3 piece HRE's on it! wiggy 155 You'll begin to see more of duct tape messages on cars in the future. I guarantee it. wiggy 158 If you didn't get the joke about S14's earlier, then here is the answer key: 'S14's always crash'. it's a curse. wiggy 186 Pretty good finals! Some close action (though CSCS doesn't let you actually get close, it's a rule). wiggy 200 This picture really sums up CSCS for me. Notice anything wrong? wiggy 203 As for my evening? it ended at Mark's farm in the rain working on a Cressida. :)

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  • anyone find it odd that that familia is lhd?


    Anyways my drift vid was teh sick

    • dylan
  • nice shots and nice coverage. that familia is tight, as is the Leagcy STI

    • James