Seems I was put on this earth by what ever god you believe or disbelieve in, to accentuate and educate others on the possibilities of alternative living. I'm no Cobain, but rather a car enthusiast with no money. Insert the latest acquisition: a 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta. I've received plenty of free cars in my life and this is another to the list. Changes in my life have occurred over the last year and I'm trying my VERY best to stick with ONE car, since my project budget for nearly every car I've ever had has been $0. The conflict I'm having is a strong one. My Corolla wagon is my race car and daily, and I recently came into a free Crown Victoria. Sadly the motor was pooched in it and not worth rebuilding. I used the Crown Vic as barter in the hunt for a race engine for my Corolla, the 60hp 4ac, even with my experience just isn't enough to keep the wheels spinning in the big 3rd gear corners. Sadly though I couldn't seem to do anything with the Crown vic for weeks and ended up getting $100 for it. I began the hunt for a $100 or free 150hp, my mind open to all sorts of possibilities. a 22R came along, and it was nearly a go. I began hunting for a Cam and a carb for it, but I wasn't super happy about adding all that weight to the nose of the car. I'm not sure if I asked for it, but I certainly received it. This Alfa came up for free on the local classifieds! A british fellow was moving back and needed to rid himself of his projects, after his Europa was gone, the Alfetta needed to go too. This was great news! The Alfa has a 2.0L all aluminum, DOHC, mechanical fuel injected 4 cylinder with 130hp stock. The car was basically 1.5 cars with all the extra parts, but I'm at a cross roads: I need a race engine for my Corolla wagon, since my personal rule is that I stick to ONE car, but I can't molest this Alfetta. When picking up the car I had a great time chatting with the owner, and seeing his heart pull down his shoulders and the corners of mouth when it sunk to the pit of his stomach, the look of him so destroyed that he couldn't keep his love really doesn't put me at ease. How could I dismantle someones long time love for my own? "Can I carve up your wife to make mine better?" is a bit of a hilarious but awful awkwardness. So what do I do?!

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  • No one doubts a very old rolla is great, but this is a sweet ride.

    • Donn
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  • Your uninitiated friends will make fun of you, your car guy friends will envy you. Drive it and enjoy it! Gotta love rolling something different, never a dull moment when I take my ’71 NSU out for a cruise!

    • Brad D.
  • I don’t know how you do it, Quinn. Congrats on the new toy.

    • Needs More Speakers