Capital CITY Drift, Round the Second!

It would seem that after some serious staff changes and some organizational adjustments, Capital Drift will now be known as Capital City Drift. Don't be alarmed, it's still the home of drifting on Vancouver Island. Mr. Myles was back, the way he was driving had people excited for a Myles vs. Grant Kozier showdown. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Tech issues forced Myles to bow out and Grant took the evening. There are still two events to go, I can't wait to see these heavyweights face each other. Sheldon Rozon was back in the retina rapist and showing a real improvement in his initiations and consistency. He was able to take third and his first "podium" finish (no podiums were harmed). The biggest casualty came in the form of a camera dismounting from a car mid drift and making it's own run for the wall. Dugwillis took it in stride with a big smile. BANANA WAGON. Speed Hero's own Discoquinn!

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  • wasnt the 240 chick car casuality worse then the camera?

    • jb
  • Ro[;)]zon lol. GOOD pics though

    • Sheldon
  • I have more. I may do a photo dump, not that this post was too wordy to begin with.

    • zombievrobot
  • there was at least 10 ppl taking pictures… and like 5 taking video… what gives? selling on the black market for peanuts?

    • BAxe
  • lol Warren’s faking the tire smoke. These are all the pictures?

    • discoquinn