Better Than Brock, the fire sale, some fire damaged items!

Intro: Now at the sale portion of the plan. This is where I put my little life up for grabs. I'll be honest, some of these things hurt in my middle to sell. I'm a bit curious if he's haunting me for challenging his lap. Seriously though, it's tough, time to sell. For those of who who arn't aware of what's going on. Click Here Items: Let's start off with my daily. I have two cars for sale, you can see the other below. 1984 Toyota Corolla SR5 Sport. 270,000km 3AC automatic. It's a running, driving car. A perfect candidate for a GTS conversion. -Full Burgandy Zenki interior with matching GTS style SR5 sport seats -GTS leather steering wheel -New Radiator -Tokico Blue shocks -New Exhaust -New brake hoses -Some rust -Looped rack Decent shell, ready for a GTS swap. I have an ae86 clutch pedal with master, a T50, matching burgandy manual shifter trim. Drive it home, been my daily for months now. $1500 obo. Will trade for a plane ticket. I know you guys in the airline industries get amazing deals on flights, best way to get a free Corolla. Perks of the job I guess. Trevor, Rob Lee, others? Snub Ear Mirrors. I'll admit I've got a bit of a mirror fetish, the first of my mirror collection for sale. Similar to the mirrors found on the racing versions of E30 M3's, these mirrors are aftermarket units found on an mk2 Golf. Can be fitted to nearly anything. Come with bases, but they are not need for fitting. $50. E7 SR5 Sport mirrors An odd ball set of mirrors only available on Zenki E7 SR5 models. All other E7's came with only a driver side mirror. This is a hard to find matching pair of driver and passenger door mount mirrors. $40 Cut TRD blue rear springs Cut, originally 6k's probably a bit stiffer now. Not cut much. $75? Super Chargers Two twin screw Bonneville SSE superchargers. Twin Screw, eaton M90 style super chargers. 64,000km on one, 110,000km on the other. Provides about 6psi stock to a nearly 4L motor. Depending on your pulley setup they can provide plenty more. That's a bunch of pressure and CFM. EFI casing style with throttle bodies. Get dope. $200/per charger. TSX8 Pioneer Boso style speakers- 2 pair TSX8 rear deck mount speakers. Era correct for any 80's Japanese or european car. I have two pair, one pictured, they are identical. Typical screw type wire mounts with a strong threaded bolt on body mount for safe installation. $100/ per pair.  Wolo God Father Horns, Brand new! Brand new, never used Wolo Brand God Father Horns. This is my second set I've owned, they are awesome. These are the ones the Japanese bosozoku guys use.

$100 NOS - Rainbow metal flake window tint! More of my Boso parts collection. New Old Stock from the early 90's? Obscure rainbow metal flake window tint. I haven't seen this again anywhere, but I'm also unsure if it's even still usable. $20? GTS interior and dash harness Uncut interior and Dash harness for a GTS. Sorry no engine harness. $75 GTS cluster Nothing special, decent shape Clutster. You can spin these back. lol best way to mark the finishing point of your build, clock is back to 0 and keep track of your work! $20 Rust free Fuel door ae86 Rust free with a good working spring clip. $20 Baby Turbo Mirrors, New! Brand new 80's style Baby turbo mirrors, another must for your Boso whip, or European style sports car. These mirrors were all the fresh hit in the 80's. Mimicking the accordion style of Ferraris and other high end sports cars. Period correct and paintable. $50 K-sport S13 Camber plates Camber plates from a set of S13 K-sport coilovers. Never made their way onto the wagon. Will fit many cars with a bit of drilling, common swap on Corollas. $50? AE86 power windows! Power windows from a Japanese AE86. Motors and regulators, with switches. Doors cards can come with them, but best only used as templates. Packed to ship without the door cards, but can be included. Driver and passenger with switches! $200 12v Colour TV Picked this up for my Boso project a long time ago. It's normally a 110v TV, but actually runs on 12v. Typical coax and RCA (mono) inputs. Perfect for that affordable indash entertainment. LOL Sticker included, hat is not (visual size reference.) $50 Quick Action Baby Turbo mirror Yet another mirror in my mirror fetish. Similar to the baby turbo style mirrors above. This is a bit larger, with a secret pop out extension! An off beat mix of 80's performance and towing capabilities. I've seen a few sports cars with trailer hitches....just sayin'... Zenki Foldering Driver Ae86 Mirror $20? Not the most common of mirrors. Folding USDM drivers side mirror. Not broken. AE86 clutch pedal setup Full clutch pedal, with bracket and brand new master cylinder. Ugly, but complete and functional, the master is new in box. $100 AE86 air conditioning interior condenser I believe it's called a condenser. Basically the little internal A/C cooling unit for under the dash of an AE86. $50 There is a few more things, but that's the majority for now. My Lemonade Wagon 1982 Toyota Corolla Wagon. -California car. Very little rust, made to look rat-look! -12a Rotary swap, hard mounted. -Manual, with proper E7 clutch pedal setup and braided steel clutch line. -Brand new drive shaft in the summer. -Proper Speedway parts Mini spooled 3.9 diff. -RX3 carb. -High flow full exhaust. -Matching sparco Sprint Jr. Seats -AE86 dash with aftermarket gauges. -Mishimoto S13 aluminum radiator. -Tokico Blue and Eibach front setup. -Real ae86 manual rack and subframe. -AE70 Steering column swap. -Rust free '80 Quad nose swap -Turn key drift car. -Manual trans, manual brakes, manual steering -LED turn signals -Alfa romeo rear shocks I've had this car for nearly 3 Years. Most of you should know the story, for those of you who don't. I've owned this wagon before even setting foot on the island. My boss at the time bought me the during my drive across the country. It was pieced together from my own sheer stupidity and luck. It has seen some of the most obscure and strange usage known to man. There are no words to sum up the joy it has brought me and others. I can assure, and oddly prove it can do mad stunts and sick skids. Turn Key Drift Car! ^^I can't even muster up anymore on that car. WTF Buy magic. Price? Contact: Quinn Howling 250-818-0067 I'm going to get that ghost.

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  • thats awesome

    • Rush
  • bring those speakers to australia, i’ll buy both sets

    • geoff
  • Where can I buy those TSX 8’s ?

    • Anonymous
  • info on where I can buy these pleas Zenki Foldering Driver Ae86 Mirror


    Not the most common of mirrors. Folding USDM drivers side mirror. Not broken.

    • Anonymous