Bessida of the Cressida

Moons roll past us like fallen pennies from our pockets. They pass frequently, without consideration for value.  That line only suggests that long ago I declared MX63 Cressida Sedans awesome drift cars without any modifications. As a proof to that point, the most recent Capital Drift practice featured an unmodified, automatic, MX63 Cressida Sedan. Provided by me. Some dude in my room @ 7pm at night: "Quinn, there is drifting tomorrow, remember?" Dumb founded me: "oh.....really?" Dude: "Yup." From here I hopped on the classifieds and began hunting, by 9pm, and a good 40 minute drive up island, I had purchased an '83 MX63 Cressida Sedan. Autotragic for $350. I knew it would do well, having done some sliding in one before. Link Here Things turned out well, though the weather was much too nice for an automatic car, it still slid very well. Thanks to all those who got snaps and clips of it! I just want to point out, that you don't need a lot of money to drift, nor do you need a perfect car. Just grab something RWD and try your best! Here's a whole slew of footage from the Event from Matt Hubs, Ryan Drader, Justin Robert, and Dug Willis.

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