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Here we are, bobbing down the dark road behind a RHD Toyota Lite ace. We were on our way North East to deliver our Townace Royal Lounge to it's new owner. A man of much Townace/Liteace. A fellow visitor to Japan, we exchanged stories, as well as he showed us his Collection of vintage dirt bikes! He had a number of very rare and collectable Spanish Bultaco bikes. As well as various Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda bikes. Obviously a man of our hearts, he saved things that he found interesting, whether or not they had value. I wanted one of these planes as a hood ornament! After that we hopped in his Townace and climbed through the rocky hills of his property to see some of the other treasures hidden away, like his collection of Townaces amd Toyota Vans. I apologize for the photos, but we were kind of in motion, just stopping at each along the way. In Total there were about 7 Townace/Van LE's hanging around for parts. All 4WD models. Plus a nice assortment of scrap motorcycles as well. I had some how missed driving right beside this on the way up the property, but on the way back down I had to snap some pictures of the Samurai Pickup! It's the learning vehicle for the owners kids, his 10 year old son gets to drive it, lucky boy! I had never seen one in person and even finding photos of them isn't too common so it was nice to find a working, albeit beat one! The previous night had been warm and decent out, but after a nice rest, we woke up to this crap. A quick jog over to a Junkyard in another city, picking up some Lexus parts. It was kinda neat yard, though not free to look around. It was refreshing to go to a junkyard where cars guys actually worked at for once, rather than people just interested in money. While we were loading up the parts into the truck a worker breezed past us with a grin on his face mumbling something about company calender. We thought nothing of it, until after we left, bombing along the highway I noticed something on the back seat. It hurt for a bit afterwards having read through all the horrible captions and even worse combination of amateur photography and monkeys dressed poorly as humans. Ottawa was boring as hell, there was nothing interesting to see along the drive. I actually got excited seeing this car. we reached our final destination to check out an mk4 chassis for sale. I looked around a bit, but there wasn't much that was too crazy. We had some lunch at a restaurant near by and one of the customers was driving this. Hadn't seen one before. The drive home was brutal, I had to watch the GPS as the co-driver to give instructions on the turns ahead as the snow and fog was so thick you couldn't see a few feet ahead of you. Though we managed to keep a brisk pace of 80kmph. lol I fucking hate winter.

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