2012, Year of the Alternative Drift Chassis.

Look, I called E7 Corollas last year, they blew up. Not sure if it was me, but I was just noticing a trend is all. This year the tides have rolled back in with some fresh info: 2012 will be the year of the alternative drift chassis. Corollas, S chassis, hell even Miatas are all played out. Not just on a style basis, but rather a financial basis. The common cars for drifting are beginning to become less common in the wild. Fewer unbent, cheap, unmodified examples are out and about. This is normal, and expected. The enthusiasm for drifting has levelled off in a growth sense, those who wish to participate most likely are already, those who enjoy watching, are following just as much as before. This trend should continue for another 10 years, but the cars, well, they will change very soon. None of these chassis's will be new. You've seen examples of them all around you before, but your going to be seeing more of them around. This year the frequency will jump. There's quite a few great options many people ignore, they've been hanging around with associations to other forms of racing. Not far from you, easily grasped, but also easily ignored. Honestly, there's already people out drifting them, figuring out their issues and resolving them, hunt for these gurus. A big surprise will be the number of trucks drifting this year. Small pickups will be on the rise dramatically this season as they are great platforms that still appeal to the original emotions offered by S-chassis and other popular cars. The nice thing is, they are mechanically simple, and much more utilitarian than unibody cars. The ability to pop the body off, build the drivetrain and then flop the exterior back on is a massive advantage. Minitruckin' guys have been paving the way for information on engine and suspension swaps. Look for BMW E30's and E36's to pop up more this year, as well as, and I mean this, Volvo 240's and 740's. These are all very good cars to jump in and slide, though the two brands have much different approaches, the end goal is very obtainable by both. Those of you on the hunt for a Corolla or S chassis may want to consider buying cheaper more available cars. Look around, there is plenty about. What are some interesting ones you can think of? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=l1a8qhfzsR0#!]

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  • I’ve been lusting after Cadillac cts for awhile now. barges but great power and the resale on them dives like crazy after 6 years. what was once a 40k car is now on kijiji for 14. crazyness i tell you.

    • shancer lelby
  • YES! My picture of Rob’s ranger drifting made it to Speed Hero!

    FYI, that truck is gone. But Rob picked himself up a 94 Nissan Hardbody with some pretty ambitious suspension plans.

    • Graeme
  • Year of the drifting vulvae

    • Harley Rider
  • Your mom is an alternative chassis.

    • Anonymous