Random Racing Game Recommendations

Big list of cool games for cool gamers

I put together a list of games I’ve enjoyed playing over the years. It’s a devoted hobby of mine to play racing games, and a severe majority of them are awful, however, within that heap of trash racing games are a few really good games. I’ve loosely organised these both by my own interest or nostalgia, but it’s also likely the order you should play them in? Sure.

If any of these titles appeal to you, then it’s suggested to play them whatever means...

This is the worst blog post of all time

I'm here only to belittle myself. You're here because you're curious. If you're not, close the article - move on, why waste the time? <3

I can't finish anything. I can't finish a single project. I'm haunted by the "potential" or perhaps cursed?

I'll never known why I'm proud to be poor. But after months of soul searching and careful introspection, I'm sure it has something to do with growing up with less. It sucks to type that, It sounds so fucking cliché. It's important to note that the pride of being rich is actually free. You can feel proud for...